Saturday, January 5, 2013

Only 2 root Emotions in the Universe - Love & Fear

We were told that every choice we made could be traced back to either love or fear.
Each of these two root emotions would be the starting point for all experience, feeling and appreciation.

Here are some examples.
-The act of forgiveness is ultimately an act of love.
-The feelings of bliss and excitement that come from romance originate with the love between the two partners.
-The birth of a child created from such a relationship is a source of immense joy… all traceable to the love of the two souls who chose to bring a precious life into this planet.

Fear is just the opposite.
Anger is an extension of fear.
We can be angry and bitter at someone because we fear their wrath and abuse.
This anger can lead to hatred, feelings of vengeance or, worse yet, violence.
Again, all of it stems from the root emotion of fear.

What are some of the feelings that fall into the domain of love?
Compassion, forgiveness, joy, bliss, generosity, patience, tolerance, understanding, gentleness, respect, honor and the like all have their source in the emotion of love.
What are those that can be linked to fear? 
Hatred, greed, violence, jealousy, selfishness, anger, bitterness, deception are just a few.

In a world of opposites, we are also able to compare these emotions, all for the sake of experience and feeling. 

Each choice we make creates a feeling of love or fear, all of which serves as a valuable reference point that can bring us further into to the Light or into the darkness.

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