Monday, March 18, 2013

Quantum Physics - our mind is indeed the sources of our reality

The study of Quantum Physics has proven that our mind is indeed the sources of our reality. Even the basic of the studies of quantum physics is enough to show us how the mind and reality are intercorrelated. Well, if you are still confused with what quantum physics has said, here is the direct answer to the secrets of mind power.

Our mind is the center that produce thoughts (if fact we run thousands of thoughts everyday!) and thoughts are stuffs that possess enormous power when emotionally charged. Napoleon Hill has stated this in his famous "Think and Grow Rich". Emotion is the power behind every thought.

In fact, if you can think back any experience in life, particular involving fear, did you notice that what you fear about actually has manifested? Our mind is very capable in attracting masses of energy when it produces thoughts that are charged with powerful emotion, positive or negative. It does not differentiate what's good or bad, it just woks the way according the way we feel.

Energy flows where attention goes and like the clouds that condensed into rain when it reaches saturation point, the energy masses that are attracted and pulled together will eventually become manifested into physical reality, just as how the mind first visualized. Concentration of energy is what create matter! Still remember this fact in quantum physics?

That's why you always become what you think about most. The Buddha said, "We are what we think" and he is absolutely right on this. Your life is shaped by the images that you always play in your mental screen. It serves as the preview of your future and the physical world is the effect or output of what you had in mind previously. Now could you realize why every success coach tells us to think positive? Because there's a power in positive thinking, the power to create!

Quantum physics has shattered the mirror of illusion and enable us to see the reality in an essence way. The world isn't hard and unchangeable like what we always perceive. It is a place of possibility that built up using our individual and collective thoughts. The whole world is a gigantic of mind web and each of us contribute to build it the way it is today through our thinking.

Illusion is what makes people go crazy and instead of fixing the cause or the root of the problem, they keep on fixing the effect, which is ridiculous. You can't fix a thing that is already broken by default, no matter how you try. Now can you see how science has now catch up with what eastern mysticism trying to promote thousands years ago.

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