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what God is

"God" is the Sum Total of Universal Energy"

Many people debate about whether there is a God, or what God is.  Is God an individual personality, sitting up in heaven listening to and granting our requests, or is God simply all the energy that exists in the whole universe, or is God simply nature or the laws of nature?
The Bible says God is a spirit (John 4:24).  It also says that the spirit, given by God, is what gives man understanding (Job 32:8).  And finally, it says that God is light (I John 1:5).
It is important to understand that ancient man described God with an ancient vocabulary and ancient idea sets, but that we can breathe new life into these verses by understanding what was really being said.
What is light?  It's energy.  When a person is brain dead, no electrical activity registers on a EEG test.  Why?  Because his spirit, which is what brings life to the body and understanding to the mind, is electrical energy.  And when the spirit leaves the body, the body dies because the electrical energy which powered the body is no longer present.  God is light, so he is energy, and both God and we are spirit beings.  So God, and light, and energy, and the essence of each of us as spirit beings, is all the same.  We are all made up of the same physical and spiritual essence:  energy.
Everything that exists in the universe is made up of energy.  Every atom has electrons, sub-atomic particles containing an electrical charge, which orbit around the atom's nucleus.  Every atom has energy.  True, some atoms have more energy than others; some have more electrons orbiting their nucleus than others, and some are moving faster than others.  The energy in a piece of wood is moving very slow compared to the energy in a pan of boiling water, but both contain the same kind of energy.
There is a scientific law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes form (conservation of energy).  To be more precise, it states that in a closed system (our universe, for the purposes of our discussion) energy is conserved.  In other words, all the energy that ever existed, that was present at the beginning, still exists.  God, who is all energy, in the beginning took from his own energy to make everything that exists.  Biblical scholars have made much of the original language of Genesis 1:1 saying that the word "created" means "ex nihilo" or "out of nothing".  In other words, God made everything from nothing.  We must understand that biblical writers used their own limited vocabulary and knowledge of science to explain what they thought they saw or were told.  The fact that the universe may have "appeared" out of nowhere does not mean it was created from nothing.  Many forms of energy cannot be seen.  Since God is energy, and we know that everything that exists is made from energy, and keeping in mind that energy cannot be created or destroyed, we see that God took from the pool of existing energy, which was HIM, and created everything there is.  Therefore, not only are the atoms and molecules and sub-atomic particles in a blade of grass made by God, they are part of God himself.  God took of his energy, and changed the appearance of some of it so that it looks different.  But it is still a part of him, just as our hearts and livers are part of us.  So every blade of grass, every raindrop, every animal, every human being, every biological microorganism, every molecule of wood that forms the chair you are sitting on is GOD.  Not just part of God, but IS God.  Everything is sacred, because everything is made from the energy that is God.  This takes away the dividing line between secular and sacred.
How can I say that?  You might be thinking that to say everything is PART of God is understandable, but to say that everything IS can that be?  Because scientists have discovered that every particle of matter and energy that exists resonates on a particular frequency, and that every single particle is connected to and responds to every other particle through these frequencies.  Everything is connected, part of the same whole and part of the same connected communication system.
Let's put it in more concrete terms.  A cell, or molecule, or atom on one side of the world, say in the United States, can communicate with any other cell, molecule or atom on the other side of the world, say in China, because they are able to signal each other with oscillating frequencies, and this communication happens non-locally and virtually instantaneously.  It's like what happens with a radio.  There are lots of frequencies out there with people talking on them, or music playing, and all you have to do is tune the dial of the radio to different frequencies to pick them up.  Then if you have a transmitter you can talk back to them.  That is what our atoms, molecules and cells do.  They tune into whatever frequency they have to in order to communicate with other cells all over the world or the universe, in order to accomplish whatever goal they need to accomplish.
Now, people can usually accept the idea that the cells, molecules and atoms in their BODIES communicate with each other so that the body can function the way it's supposed to.  The body is a closed system, just like the universe.  Just as all the particles in your body communicate so the body can function efficiently, all the particles in the universe do the same.  They are all connected.  Like one huge body.  God's body.
Basically, all energy is God, and there is no such thing as someone being "separated from God".  God cannot be separated from his own body.  Just as we would if we were sick, God does whatever is necessary to bring the parts of his body that are energetically out of alignment back into their proper relationship to him.  If a part of our body isn't functioning correctly because it's frequency is wrong, correcting the frequency disparity often heals the ailment.  For instance, all the cells in the human heart must beat at the same time for the heart to function properly.  If some of the cells are firing at the wrong time, the  person will have a heart attack or some other serious cardiac condition.  But there are techniques to help get all the energy of those cells aligned again so the person can be healed.  It is the same for God and his relationship to us.  Everything in the universe is set up to be self-correcting, including our relationship with him.  Everything, from our health, to our finances, to air pollution, to foreign relations, to the movement of the stars and planets....everything is connected, self-correcting, but still within our ability to influence the outcome.  Just as God "thought" the whole world into existence, we also can change the course of events by altering the oscillating frequencies which make communications within this system possible, through our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.
God, who is pure energy, makes all this possible.  He set up this network which makes the whole thing happen.  The whole universe consists of energy, but it is the intelligent, organized pattern and interaction of this energy which makes it Divine.  There is no such thing as chaos, no such thing as randomness....for everything that occurs is caused by some disturbance in the oscillating frequencies somewhere in the world or universe, and it is caused by somebody or something.  Either God, or you, or me, or some other organism or thing causes changes in the frequencies which regulate matter and energy, and change happens.
How can we say everything is part of God, and in fact IS God?  Because every molecule, atom and particle that exists is connected by this energetic framework of oscillating frequencies which makes communication between each part possible.  All molecules, cells, atoms and particles are connected to each other at every moment, and influence each others' activities.  It's one big system designed to work together.  My brain can communicate with yours, and your brain can communicate with your cat's; my brain can communicate with the cells of my body so they are led to heal themselves, and your brain can help direct healing energy to the bodies of other people who need healing.  God uses this same energetic system to communicate to our brains, to our cells, to the raindrops which make up a thunderstorm, to anything.
It's the reason why the stars and planets and their electromagnetic fields DO influence our thoughts, feelings and behavior.  Astrology is NOT just some flaky New Age thing.  And psychic ability does in fact exist; that's what it's talking about in the Bible when it speaks of spiritual gifts like the gift of Prophecy, or Wisdom, or Knowledge.  And the gifts of Healing or Miracles are simply examples of the ability to manipulate this energetic framework of oscillating frequencies so that you can direct it to do what you want.  And the spirits of the dead, which are simply the sum total of that person's energetic essence, do exist in another dimension and can communicate with us, and we with them, if we learn how to tune the dial to their frequency.  This puts everything supernatural finally and very definitely in the natural, physical realm.  Everything we thought was miraculous and not humanly possible IS possible.  And people we used to denounce as witches are simply those who long ago learned to manipulate this energetic framework of oscillating frequencies.  They learned to direct their energies through incantations and rituals.  Christians learned to direct their energies through prayer.  Some people learned to direct their energies through meditations and visualizations.  It's all a manipulaton of the same power grid.  One way of manipulating it is not better than another.  Prayer is not better than an incantation.  Both work only because the user directs his focus and energy toward a particular end.  Thus the power grid or unified field is set up so that when we direct our energy, our thoughts and beliefs, our feelings, toward a particular end, it happens.
Whatever technique we use to direct this energy, it doesn't matter.  What does matter is that we learn the power of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  God is Love because love is the most powerful tool at our disposal to redirect this energy.  When Love is the reason we direct our energy through our thoughts toward a particular goal, that is the most powerful energy there is, and that goal will come to fruition.
All things work together for good.....Romans 8:28.  We may not understand how, but it is always true.  We  can be confident it is true because everything is part of God and IS God, so there are no mistakes. 

Article Author: Judie C. McMath
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