Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cosmic Cycle - Eternal Cosmos

Eternal cosmos

Self contained: There is sound logic and good evidence for a cosmic-cycle. The cosmos is eternal and self-contained. It had no beginning and will have no end. The cosmos simply exists. It cycles for-ever.

No beginning or end: In the theory of a cyclic model of the cosmos we do not have to deal with the question of where the cosmos came from nor do we have to answer the question of where the cosmos will finally end up.

New God: The cosmos simply cycles for-ever. The cosmos is all in all. We are the consciousness of the cosmos. The eternal cosmos is the best description and measure of God that we have. many cultures it is customary to answer that God created the universe out of nothing. But this is mere temporising. If we wish courageously to pursue the question, we must of course ask next where God comes from. And if we decide this is unanswerable, why not save a step and decide that the origin of the universe is an unanswerable question? Or if we say that God has always existed why not save a step and conclude that the universe has always existed.
--Carl Sagan

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