Thursday, July 5, 2012

Recognizing an Empath

The empathic person:

Is emotionally sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others.

Is rarely concerned with their own achievements, a quiet leader.

Has little trouble discussing emotional issues.

Is uncomfortable around disharmonious or emotionally intense people.

Is very sensitive to violence and suffering.

Struggles to find a solution when a problem presents itself.

Often can't tolerate violent media.

Struggles to understand the causes of suffering in the world.

Has difficulty justifying harming others even in self-defense.

Is often an idealist, dreaming of ways to make the world a better place.

Can often be found as a volunteer.

Can sense places where bad things have occurred.

Sometimes shares another's physical pain, as well as emotional.

Is often expressive, musically, artistically, or verbally.

Makes an excellent counselor, therapist, or healer.

Is prone to unexplained depression.

Can sometimes sense a loved one's suffering, even at a distance.

Is considered to be "too emotional" or "too sensitive" by many.

Tends to draw others to them.

Is well liked by children and animals.

Is genuinely interested in others.

Is sensitive to what people really feel, rather what they pretend to feel.

Often has difficulty being in large crowds, is easily overwhelmed by too much input.

Is compassionate and understanding.

Is deeply interested in people as a whole.
Can "catch" moods from others.

Tends to feel what is outside more than inside of themselves.

Is non-violent, non-aggressive, and often functions as a peacemaker.

Suffers from tremendous guilt if they harm another person, even unintentionally.

Has difficulty controlling emotions, cries easily.

Finds that others often open up to them without knowing why.

Has a way of making people who have just met them feel they have known each other their whole lives.

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