Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Emotions vs Feelings

Emotion and feeling are often confused as one and the same, thought to be interchangeable. However, the two are actually quite different and serve different purposes.

Emotions are used for creation. (manifestation)
Feelings are used for communication. (intuition)


Emotion is the power which attracts. Your emotions are created by your thoughts.

If I say “Be Happy,” notice you can grin, but it won’t actually make you happy. You need to think of an event which makes you happy and THAT will lead to an emotional response which we call happiness.

Thought itself is pure energy. Every thought you have, have ever had, or ever will have is creative and produces energy. E-motion is energy in motion. It is the by-product of those thoughts.

This energy you create goes out into the universe and because like-attracts-like, you attract more of the same frequency of energy. When enough “clumps” of like energy come together, they form matter.

This is the essence behind the Law of Attraction.
Think happy thoughts, feel happy, and you’ll attract more situations and people who vibrate at a frequency of happiness.

Why the LoA may seem to take so long is that it takes a lot of “energy” to produce a little bit of “matter”. By focusing your thoughts only on what you want, you put a lot more energy out into the universe attracting what you want and thus manifestation happens much more quickly.

So matter literally forms out of pure energy. Once energy becomes matter, it remains matter for a very long time, unless its construction is disrupted by an opposing form of energy. This dissimilar energy actually dismembers the matter, releasing the raw energy from which it was composed.

This is, in simple terms, the theory behind the atomic bomb. It only takes a little bit of matter to make a HUGE explosion. The LoA is this concept in reverse.

So, emotion is energy in motion, the creative driving force of the universe.


Feeling is the language of the soul.

If you want to know your truth about something, quiet your mind and look at how you’re feeling about it. This is what people mean when they say “I had a feeling that was the right answer.” Consciousness communicates through feelings.

The most magnificent feeling available is that which we call Love. When you are in alignment with the universe, you will feel love as a sort of confirmation that you’re going with the flow.

You’ll then have thoughts based upon these feelings which produce emotions such as happiness.

Putting the two together to form a how-to for creation or manifestation:

Whenever you’re wondering what path to take, visualize yourself taking that path. Listen to your intuition and notice which path leads you towards the highest feeling. Follow your intuition and think the thoughts based on this path. The thoughts will produce emotion and the more emotion you have, the faster you’ll attract enough energy to manifest matter in physical form. Take action (inspired action) based upon these thoughts and emotions and you will manifest what it is you visualized down that path.

This is what people mean when they say “Follow your bliss” or “Follow the best feeling thought.” It’s simply a result of understanding how the universe works, how energy works. It’s based on an understanding of how thoughts, feelings, and emotions come together to create whatever it is you desire.

Weren’t we “created in the image and likeness of God?” If so, that means you are God also. You are a creator.

You now know what the tools are. You are God. You realize that you can create too. You know how to start developing these tools. Meditation will help you get out of the mind and into your heart so that you can better listen to your feelings and thus your intuition.

Hearing this stuff, if you feel it resonates with you, it’s because you ALREADY KNOW IT. No one can teach you anything that you don’t already know. They can only help you remember that which you already know. This is why certain things “resonate” with you. It’s because the knowledge is in alignment with your soul and you feel the alignment as resonance, the same way two musical notes resonate together when they’re in harmony.

Trust your feelings.

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