Thursday, July 5, 2012

Inner Alchemy

The human body is an organism, and like any organism it needs energy and a vital interaction among the functions of the principal organs so that they function well. We constantly lose energy and need to replace it if we intend to continue alive and healthy.

Chinese culture and medicine has been studying energy for thousands of years, charting its routes through the body and discovering its therapeutic applications. They studied a type of energy called Chi, or vital energy, which is the same type treated by acupuncture. The best word to describe this energy would be bio-electromagnetism.

The Chinese classified this perpetually flowing fountain of energy as Jing, the earth energy; Chi, energy of the cosmic plane; and Shen, the energy of the stars and heavens. Our lifetime and our health depend on the balanced flow of these energies and our capacity to replenish them. The meridians mapped by the Chinese and utilized in acupuncture are some of the routes through which this vital energy or Chi flows. Therefore, in our bodies there are special routes (marvelous vessels) known to Chinese medicine and which serve as psychic channels unable to be manipulated by needles. The technique for opening these routes and teaching a person to multiply this energy was kept secret in China for thousands of years. This knowledge was passed on from father to chosen son and transmitted orally throughout antiquity. Only the Emperor and his court had access to these techniques. In Taoist Internal Alchemy, as systematized by Mantak Chia, we learn the secrets of this ancient knowledge.

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